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Mike Garcia Discusses North Korean Missile Launch on FOX 11

Appeared on Fox 11 with Elex Michaelson and Marla Tellez

Representative Mike Garcia (CA-25) spoke with Fox11’s Elex Michaelson and Marla Tellez about North Korea’s recent hypersonic missile launch and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) brief halt to all West Coast flights. Click here to watch Garcia on Fox 11 Los Angeles.
Garcia emphasized that while North Korea’s missile launch and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s decision to ground all West Coast flights appeared to be at the same time, there is still information yet to be released from those on the ground.
“These groundings were called right around the time that North Korea was launching what is being called a hypersonic missile test, this is a follow-on test to one they had a few weeks ago, as well as China’s a couple of months ago,” said Garcia. “One may look at this and see this as one way of making sure our national security apparatus is decluttering the air space and making sure we are not putting more metal in the air while we are trying to track something like a hypersonic missile.”
He emphasized that there should be a greater level of concern for the current state of America’s national security.
“We should all as Americans be very concerned about this hypersonic weapon threat. This is something that has been developing over the last ten to fifteen years, not only with China and North Korea, but also with Russia. These are systems we are also working on,” said Garcia. “These are very lethal weapons, very difficult to detect, and when they maneuver, they are very difficult to defend against… We need to be taking this seriously and investing in our own offensive and defensive hypersonic weapons capabilities.”
In addition to threats on America’s national security, Garcia discussed the rising crime rates in California, and his call for L.A. District Attorney George Gascon to resign. 
“This is not a Republican versus Democrat thing,” said Garcia. “It is about security. In the end, people want to know that they are safe, they want to know that when they dial 911— the cops will show up and that when folks commit crimes, they will be held accountable. Right now, we do not have that confidence.”
Garcia is a former Navy fighter pilot that flew over 30 combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also serves on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.
Click here to watch Garcia on Fox 11 Los Angeles.