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ICYMI: Mike Garcia Addresses Source of Inflation In CA-25

Featured in The Washington Post

The Washington Post highlighted the rising prices overshadowing the economy’s strength in Santa Clarita, California, located in Representative Mike Garcia’s 25th Congressional District. Compared to last October, consumer prices have jumped more than six percent. 
You can read the full article here or read the highlights below.
The Washington Post
In one California city, rising prices overshadow economy’s strength, spelling trouble for Democrats
By Erica Werner
November 30, 2021

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — A 29-year-old hairdresser is weighing how much more to charge clients because of her rising costs. A 53-year-old property inspector could cancel family jaunts to scenic Monterey because gas is so expensive. And a 63-year-old power plant worker was so startled by the price of bread at the supermarket that he called his wife to make sure it was right.

As the economy picks up momentum in the final weeks of 2021, inflation fears are washing over this politically divided city north of Los Angeles.

“I definitely think it’s not a coincidence that prices were lower in the last administration,” said Alina Sañez, a hairdresser who is fretting over how to pass the spiking costs of supplies she uses, such as disposable gloves, on to her clients.

Sañez said she is a registered Democrat but that her perspective has shifted as she’s watched economic trends impact her personally. As prices rise all around her, she said she holds President Biden responsible. She is telling clients that her $85 charge for a cut, color, and blow dry will no longer cover the blow dry. That will soon cost extra.

“The problems that we’re seeing are a direct result of the policies, and the policies are a direct result of, unfortunately, this Democrat party that has control of the House and Senate as well as the White House,” Garcia said ... “Right now, the groupthink mentality that we are suffering from is one of spending our way out of problems when it comes to the economy.”

The views expressed by residents in Santa Clarita largely align with results from a Washington Post-ABC News poll in November that found 70 percent of Americans pessimistic about the economy, with Biden’s approval rating at new lows…

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