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Mike Garcia Statement on Biden’s Comments on Ukraine, Russia Conflict

Representative Mike Garcia (CA-25) released the following statement in response to President Biden’s comments on Russia’s continued threat to invade Ukraine:
“Our nation and the world’s stability waiver greatly when America’s Commander-in-Chief fails to stand strong in the face of our adversaries. When President Ronald Reagan was at the helm, America's "peace through strength" motto carried weight and success. The comments made by President Biden yesterday regarding Russia's continued threat to invade Ukraine showed nothing but weakness, hinting that an invasion would be okay if it was only a "minor incursion." The President must adopt a zero-tolerance mentality when it comes to our adversaries threatening our allies. Over the last year, from the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan to failure to hold China accountable for their role in the origins of COVID, to this, the Biden administration continues to give hope to our adversaries rather than supporting our allies. We must protect our allies and the sovereignty of nations.”
Click here to read Rep. Garcia’s op-ed calling on President Biden to “stop giving hope to the bad guys.”